HQ Music is an online and offline Brazilian-based music agency that aims to connect artists and labels to their fans and new audiences through tailor-made, creative and results-driven marketing strategies.

Founded by former major (UMG, Sony) and local labels (Som Livre, Deckdisc) executives, our goal is to straighten and develop the relationship between your music and your target, using our expertise and work ethic to broaden your reach in Brazil, one of the top 5 music markets in the world. For this, we work with a wide range of experienced professionals (PR, social media specialists, DJs, radio pluggers, TV executives, music bloggers/YouTubers, social influencers and more) in order to come up with the best solutions to fit your needs and achieve shared purposes.

HQ Music leverages the unquestionable power of pop culture and understands Brazilian market’s increasingly dynamic media environment, offering successful tools that intersect new and traditional ways to promote your music.

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If you’re an emerging or well-established artist, independent or signed to a major record company; a producer, an artist manager or a record label owner/executive and want our help to market your project in Brazil, send an e-mail to hi@hqmusic.com.br and let’s talk!